Friday, May 23, 2008

Photoshop aargh!

The first time that I tried to shrink an illustration and send it to a magazine, I could not get photoshop to cooperate. I felt like a total idiot. I thought mabey it was all the brain cells I'd been doling out every time another adorable child came along. My illustration editor had previously told me that if I used the cropping tool I could plug in the pixel width, length and the right resolution and then the cropping tool would automatically give me the results I wanted. It took me forever to realize that the width and length were set at centimeters and inches and that is why the computer refused to respond to the settings I was trying to establish. Finally I tried putting in a setting of 600px (px refering to pixels) and it worked! Yeehaw! I'm not a cowgirl, but I play one on my blog.
The next issue I had was trying to send my editor the resized illustration. You're probably thinking, duh. I was thinking, huh. After many failed attempts, I finally found that with a right click on my mouse, the option of e-mailing directly out of photoshop came up and I was able to send the illustration straight to me editor.
The Illustration of the boy holding the owl is the one that I recently sent. It is a compilation of several photos. I went to the internet to find a good photo of a great horned owl. I went to our local elementary school to have a boy pose for me in front of a black board, and I used my son's face, although it didn't really turn out that way. I used watercolor and prismacolor pencil. I have found that when I scan pictures, I really have to go back and darken up light areas such as faces because they come across very dimly.
I had to blog this in hopes that it will help someone who has issues with photoshop, but mostly so that next month when I have to send in an illustration again I can look at my blog and see how I did it. Oh how soon we forget. Happy painting and or writing.


Sheri said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today and understood the frustrations of not getting photoshop and other sites to do what I want for me. Putting photos on EBay has helped me find my way around things and going to workshops they put on for advertising has helped me the most. I will check back but I think you have a good start here.

ali said...

I wanna be a cowgirl!

Sorry for your troubles Cathy, but I always enjoy reading about your adventures!

Glad you figured it out!

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