Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Book and Contest!

Anne Bradshaw has done a stellar review of Heather B. Moore's new book, Abinidi. To see this review and a contest which is closing on November 14th, go to Anne's website, Not Entirely British. The link is listed under blogs I like to visit.

Running Amok

I’m at a point in my life where I can paint what I want, when I want. So I painted a bat for Halloween. Actually, I painted a bat and a scairdy cat and a pumpkin. It was fun. Nobody told me what size it had to be or what medium. I just painted for fun. Sometimes I think it’s important to just have a little time to let go and paint for fun. As an illustrator, you are often given limitations as to what you can do with a story, so I think that it’s important to occasionally let your creative self run amok (and Halloween would definitely be the time for running amok). It’s kind of like escape literature, where you read to run away and enjoy yourself. Do the same thing with your paintbrush and revitalize your inner artist. Every once in a while, if you can, give yourself a break from the limitations and run amok with your imagination. You might find it fiendishly refreshing.
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