Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal History

I have been writing my personal history and both of my parents personal histories to prepare for their 50th anniversary celebration. It has been illuminating. I found that as I wrote I gained a new level of appreciation for my parents. They are stellar individuals. The choices that they made even before I was born have made a profound difference to my life. Both of them are such good people with clear values, goals and aspirations. Writing about their lives made me want to redefine my own goals and strive for better things.
Writing my own personal history has also been an interesting journey. I kept thinking of things to add and thinking of things that maybe I didn't want to add. Do I really want my kids to know about the weird things I did in high school? Maybe some things are better left unsaid. What do you think. Do you air all those skeletons for future generations, or do you let them gather dust and hope they quietly crumble away?


ali said...

That's a really good question Cathy, and probably the main reason I've avoided working on my own history. I bet you'll handle it with class.

becky said...

Air ALL the skeletons--I want to hear them!

kbrebes said...

"The weird things I did in high school"=major attention grabber and excellent hook! Love your illustrations!

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