Saturday, December 17, 2011

Transcendent - Tales of the Paranormal

Looking for your fix of sirens, vampires, angels and things otherworldly? These eight short stories will delight you with touches of humor and a shiver or two. These stories have it all, if you like romance, suspense, and a good old dose of spooky this is the book for you.

You can find Transcendent on Amazon
Transcendent is on Goodreads and Facebook .

You can win a copy of Transcendent just by posting a comment on my blog. Be sure to leave me a link so I can find you.

If you just have to have a book in your hands, try winning a hard copy of the book over at Wendy Swore's Blog.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tales From The Hollow Tree

Tales From the Hollow Tree is a delightful collection of short stories. Each tale is infused with imagination and attention to detail.These girls know how to write. I think of this book as a a box of bon bons. Each of them is sweet, but until you take a bite you won't know what flavor to expect.

In Lisa Asunama's story 'Trickster', a young girl faces the cunning Trickster, who deceived her grandfather and brought shame to her family. She has a secret he is itching to know. She challenges him to perform three services in order to learn the answer.

In Lisa Santiago's story 'The Final Sacrifice', a man yearns to spend more time with the sweet young lady who makes his life more bearable, but at what cost?

At three or four pages to a story, treat yourself to a yummy reading indulgence.

Isabel and Lisa began this book on a blog - Hollow Tree Tales
. Each friday they post a free fiction story. Tales From the Hollow Tree is a collection of some of these stories.

Tales From the Hollow Tree is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can read and write great reviews about Tales From the Hollow on Goodreads..

Good luck, and enjoy this awesome book.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Totally Cliched

Check it out. My story 'Mirage' is part of the Ebook Totally Cliche. You can download it to Kindle, Nook or your computer to read as a pdf. A whopping 99 cents will get you 11 fun stories that use cliches like there is no tomorrow. I'm not going to let the cat out of the bag, you'll have to read the stories. You can find it on Smashwords and Amazon.

Friday, October 28, 2011

El Cuco

In the rocking chair, Lita held her newborn son. She brushed the baby’s downy curls across his forehead and kissed his smooth cheek. “You have Carlos’ chin,” she thought, “but you have my nose,” Placing his tiny form in the crib, she tucked his blanket securely around him.

Leaving the door to his room cracked open, she jumping when thunder rattled the window pane and lightening flashed in the hallway. Distored shadows of tree branches writhed across the walls. She tried the light switch. Dead. She pulled her shawl tighter across her shoulders. “Duermete nino, duermete ya . . . que viene el cuco y te comera. “(Sleep child, sleep now . . . or else comes the cuco to eat you) an image of a ghostly figure with a pumkin head filled her mind. Where did that come from? She hadn’t thought of El Cuco in years. Ridiculous really, just a story parents used on small children to get them to stay in bed at night. I am no longer a child, besides, I must keep the candles lit for Dia De Los Meurtos (Day Of The Dead).

A loud bang came from the front of the house. The wind, she thought, her heart pounding. Rushing into the front room she could smell the potent aroma of marigolds covering the ofrenda she had decorated that morning. Candles flickered around portraits of her abuelos (grandparents) and the younger brother she had lost. Sugar skulls, fruit and candy were scattered among the flowers, frames and candles. Nothing seemed out of place.

A sudden cold draft whispered across Lita’s neck and her hair stood on end. A warm yellow glow came from behind her and she froze in place. Lita, a voice whispered. Whimpering with fright, Lita slowly turned to find a luminous pumpkin head floating in the air, with the face of evil etched in it’s skin. Lita screamed in terror and struck out with fear and fury to protect her child. The pumpkin head flew across the room and crashed into the wall, smashing into a mash of meat and shell.

For the first time Lita saw Carlos standing there. He looked shocked. “Lita,” he said, “my cousin taught me how to carve that pumpkin. It’s what they do in America.”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Scarefest Blog Hop is A'comin

Get ready to read some spooky stuff. Several authors are participating in Jordan McCollum's blogfest. The theme is FEAR. We must write a short scene about a character who is not just afraid, but scared, no terrified, even petrified. Sounds like fun.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Reveiw - The Knife of Never Letting Go

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking, #1)The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Knife of Never Letting Go is a story about a boy who begins his life surrounded by men who hear each other's thoughts. It has always been this way for him. He even hears the thoughts of animals, including his dog.

One day Todd and his dog find a place where there is silence, no noise. They can't hear thoughts there. It scares them and they don't know what to do. They want to keep it a secret, but how do you keep a secret in a place where everyone can read your mind?

Todd finds himself in danger and he and his dog have to run for their lives.

This story moves at a fast pace and has a very original plot.

View all my reviews

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Ghost in Me - Book Review

Do you have middle grade kids who love spooky stories. The Ghost In Me could be just what you are looking for.

Like any other fourteen-year-old, Myri Anna Monaco has problems she doesn't know how to deal with: a crush on her best friend's boyfriend, a mother who's dating her science teacher, and a "punishment" for a science-project-gone-wrong that lands her in the last place she wants to be--in auditions for the school play. But most girls don't have what Myri has--a ghost named Wren, who not only lives at home, but who is willing to "trade places" whenever she is needed. Although Myri is reluctant at first, Wren's offer becomes a quick and easy solution when her problems collide. However, this brief experience in ghostly possession soon takes Myri's life to new levels. How much will Myri lose to avoid the problems mounting around her? How much will Wren take to fulfill her own desires?

This story was not only suspenseful, it was laugh out loud funny to read. Shaunda Kennedy Wenger has a great sense of humor which translates to her writing. I found myself rooting for characters who were believable and well developed.

The plot was quite unique and with several story threads and it moved along at a good pace. Situations the characters faced were realistic (except for the possession thing) and well thought out.

You can find The Ghost in Me on Amazon at this link

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Good Carma Giveaway

Some amazing books are about to be born. Bound by C.K. Bryant, Become by Ali Cross, Exiled by RaShelle Workman, Breathe by Melanie M. MucCullough and Pigments of my Imagination by Angela Kulig. These adorable bundles will hit the pages on November 11, 2011. But before they arrive the authors are celebrating with a giveaway. It's kind of like a baby shower. Celebrate the arrival of their babies and win prizes.

To get in on this fun giveaway, click on the Dark Carma Tour button.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Laura H. of Kansas who is a huge Jayhawks fan. I hope you enjoy Witch Child.

Come back in October for another Spooktacular Blog Hop!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Hop - Win Witch Child

Welcome to the September blog hop. I'm already gearing up for October with a spooky book you can win called 'Witch Child'.

"Hidden until now in the pages of her secret diary, fourteen year old Mary's story begins as she flees the English with hunts to settle in an American colony. But how long can Mary hide her true nature from the Puritans? How long can she keep running?"

Would you like to win this book? If you would, there are two things you need to do:

1: Become a follower of my blog.

2. Leave me a comment and tell me why you like spooky stories.

Done. Wasn't that easy. The contest ends Saturday September 24th at midnight and I will contact the winner asap. Please leave your e-mail address with your comment so that I can find you.

This is a blog hop. There are so many other prizes to win and blogs to see, so get hoppin'.
September Blog Hop Participants

1. Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author
2. Joyce DiPastena
3. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
4. Mandi Slack
5. Michael D. Young
6. Six Mixed Reviews
7. Pam Williams
8. Laurie Lewis
9. Kristy Tate
10. Marilyn Yarbrough
11. Stacy Coles
12. Kristie Ballard
13. Lynn Parsons
14. Pushing Past the Pounds
15. Sheila Staley
16. cindy Hogan
17. Jamie Thompson
18. Jaclyn Weist
19. Cathy Witbeck
20. Secret Sisters Mysteries
21. Tamera Westhoff
22. Tina Scott
23. Lynnea Mortensen
24. Danyelle Ferguson aka Queen of the Clan
25. Jeanette A. Fratto
26. Bonnie Harris
27. Melissa Lemon
28. Mary Ann Dennis
29. Stephanie Black
30. Jane Still
31. Janice
32. Laura Bastian
33. Tamara Bordon
34. Betsy Love
35. Maria Hoagland
36. Amber Robertson
37. Debbie Davis
39. Christy Monson
40. Carolyn Frank
41. Rebecca Birkin
42. Melissa Cunningham
43. Emily L. Moir
44. Ronda Hinrichsen
45. Lisa Asanuma
46. Joan Sowards
47. Jordan McCollum
48. Diane Stringam Tolley

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall - Book Review

If I said you had a heavenly body would you hold it against me? Yes, these are actual lyrics. In the book ‘Fall’ Julia Halstead meets two brothers who are heavenly beings. Of course she doesn’t realize this right away. Not until dark forces combine to battle for her soul.

Julia, who goes by J.D. finds herself in the quiet little town of Torrey, Utah as the project manager to remake an old school house into a bed and breakfast. It’s a big project, and Julia can’t wait to show her grandfather that she can handle it. Construction is in her blood. This is something she has always wanted to do. But when vandalism and mysterious occurrences threaten the project, Julia turns to Matthew Rigo, her demolition contractor for help. At first he seems to be an answer to her prayers, but then the nightmare begins.

Jennifer has written a story with great characters. Julia is a tough, tool toting construction gal who still caters to her feminine side. She improves her yellow construction boots with hot pink and black leopard print. She has a soft spot for the grandfather who raised her after her mother abandoned her and struggles with how she feels about her place in a family.

Liu, an elderly Asian woman who runs the towns grocery store is a great supporting character. She offers care and advice when J.D. needs her.

I won’t tell you about the men in the story, suffice it to say there are rippling muscles and meaningful glances aplenty.

Fall is a paranoramal romance even your teenager could read. No cursing or intimate scenes in this book.

You can visit Author Jeniffer Hurst’s Blog at

To purchase Fall go to

You can also purchase Fall in paper back on Amazon here

Jenniffer is having a great contest to go with the release of her book. The winner will receive a gift certificate for a night’s stay at the actual bed and breakfast where the story takes place. Other prizes include an autographed copy of Fall, and 3 contestants will be randomly selected to have their names used in the sequel to Fall. They will receive a copy of the sequel when it is published.

Each blog in the tour will have a different set of questions you can answer, so enter often. Once per blog site please.

It’s so simple. Get the book, read it, answer the questions and email them to Jennifer at

Here are the questions:

Which town is the hospital located?

What is the Name of the National Park outside of Torrey?

What kind of Cat did JD see while out running?

The other sites on this blog tour are included below. Good luck!

1. Hallie Chandler with Hallie Chandler on August 14, 2011

2. Fabulous Reads with Karen Pellet on August 15th

3. Can’t Put It Down with Jennifer Goehl on August 15th

4. Elly’s Book Shelf with Elly on August 25th

5. Fire And Ice with Heather Gardner on August 30th

6. Mudrock and Pink Nail Polish with Mandi Slack on August 31st

7. My Life in a Laptop with Michelle Jeffries on September 1st

8. Stitch Read Cook with Aislynn Thompson on September 2nd

9. What All the Kids are Reading with Tonya Christensen on September 6th

10. Cindy M Hogan with Cindy Hogan on September 7th

11. Imaginary Reads with Kris Chen on September 7th

12. Cami’s Books with Cami Checketts on September 8th

13. Writer’s Mirror with Cindy Williams on September 10th

14. Chasing Dreams with Tamara Hart Heiner on September 12th

15. A Writer’s Reality with Melissa Cunningham on September 14th

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17. Write by Candlelight with Jennifer Debenham on September 15th

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25. Latter Day Woman Magazine with Heidi Durant on September 27th

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32. J Lloyd Morgan with J Lloyd Morgan on October 5th

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34. Heather Justesen with Heather Justesen on October 7th

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double Deceit - Book Review

Elaina has started a new life. She's been reunited with her sister, started a new job and found the support of old friends. And just as it seems to be coming together she gets a letter from her dead husband . . .

Double Deceit is a romantic suspense novel that will have you turning the pages till the wee hours. This is author Stephanie Humphreys second book and the girl knows how to set the pace. The story moves along at a good clip. I read it over two days. It's one of those books where the kids keep saying, "Mom, mom," and you hardly hear them (ouch). Laundry goes untouched, dishes pile up, etc. So be prepared before you start, because you won't want to stop.

The story takes place in windy southern Alberta. I can attest that her scenes are accurate having grown up there. In fact it made me a little nostalgic. The country I miss, the wind I do not.

In Elaina you will find a young woman who has suffered loss, but is ready to move on. She meets a cast of supporting characters who are well defined. The plot keeps you guessing right to the end and has quite a twist.

You can purchase Double Deceit on Amazon. And you can visit Author Stephanie Humphrey's Blog and enter the Awesome August Blog Hop contest. Be sure to visit the other sites reviewing Double Deceit listed below:
August 15 - Maria Hoagland
August 16 - Heather Gardner
August 17 - Rachelle Christensen
August 18 - Jane Still
August 19 - Deborah Davis
August 22 - Renae Mackley
August 23 - Cindy Hogan
August 24 - Matthew Tandy
August 25 - Taffy Lovell
August 26 - Kathy Habel
August 29 - Don Carey
August 30 - Teri Rodeman
August 31 - Cathy Witbeck
Sept. 1 - Shelly Seele
Sept. 2 - Tristi Pinkston

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Latter Rain - Book Review

The Latter Rain is in a much different Genre than books I have reviewed in the past. Having said that, I must say I quite enjoyed it. Now I’ll tell you the complete title. ‘The Latter Rain – Using the Book of Isaiah as the Key to Unlock Bible Prophecies That are Relevant Today’. This is the part where you say, “Isaiah, you read a book about the prophecies in Isaiah and you enjoyed it?” Actually, yes.

James M. Conis has laid out this book in a format that is easy to follow and understand. He uses a mix of scriptures from the Old and New Testament alternating with his interpretation of what they say. He invites the reader to pray for wisdom and understanding to know if the insights are correct. His desire is to lead people closer to God and bring them a clear perspective of what the ancient prophets are saying about what is happening in our world today.

To make an understanding of the bible more simple, Conis breaks down relevant types and symbols that are prevalent in the scriptures. Rain is symbolic for the word of God or revelation. Much of his book is devoted to a discussion of the former rain period, when prophets were present on the earth, separated by a famine period when there are no prophets and ending with the latter rain, when prophets are again present on the earth.

Though I did not agree with everything in ‘The Latter Rain’, I found the book to be informative, entertaining and well written. To purchase this book go to this link . As a special promotion, when you put TOUR in the coupon code, you will receive 20% off your order.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly Writing Tips

Tristi Pinkston is a writer extraordinaire. Not only does she write in several genres, but she takes the time to write weekly writing tips. These tips are a great way to learn little facts you might not know about writing. Just an extra little boost to get you closer to the top of the slush pile. If you are interested in receiving Tristi's tips you can email her at Tristi has an author newsletterthat is full of her book signings, book releases and other fun stuff. It will come to you once a month if you sign up for it at

Friday, July 15, 2011

Independence Day Flash Fiction Blog Fest

I'm participating in Ali's Flash Fiction Blog Fest.
The theme is:It's Independence day and something unexpected happens . . .
Here's what happened in my twisted brain:

Lights flashed overhead in brilliant cascades of red, blue and green, the crowd yelled and cheered, but I didn’t hear anything but my own panicked heart. “Logan,” I cried, searching through a sea of faces all bent to the sky. The touch of his little fingers in mine was still there. How could he just disappear? Panicked, I pushed through the crowd. The sound of rusty hinges from a park swing pulled me toward the playground.

“Ma’m is this your son?” someone said. I swung around to see a young man in military clothing holding Logan’s hand.

“Oh Sweetie,” I cried. I clutched his little body to mine and he hugged me just as tight. I looked up with tears in my eyes to thank the boy, but he was nowhere in sight.

Standing, I said, “Logan, where is the man who brought you
to me?”

“Right over here, Mommy,” he said, leading me to a statue of three soldiers saluting the flag.

Interested in reading other entries. The other blogs are listed in the side column. Have fun.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

In June I was thrilled to attend the afternoon session of Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. It is a wonderful conference with some seriously talented people teaching the classes. For example, I attended classes taught by Holly Black (author of Spiderwick), Kathleen Duey (Author of Skin Hunger), Martine Leavitt (Author of Heck, Superhero) and Jed Henry (Author/Illustrator of I Speak Dinosaur). Ally Condie was the keynote speaker and the classes were organized by no other than Carol Lynch Williams. So you can see the level of amazing people we were surrounded by.
There were also two editors, Alyson Heller and Lisa Yoskowitz as well as an agent, Mary Kole. They all spoke and gave us information about what they were looking for and how to contact them.
This was a great conference. For anyone that missed, plan on next year. They hold it at the Waterford School in June although registration is much earlier.
As a side note, James Ducket is having a contest on his blog.
He has 50 followers and is shooting for 100. Check out the details and the great prizes that include an Amazon gift card or a Cold Stone Creamery gift card.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review - Nia by Mella Reese

If you are interested in reading a good clean medieval romance this summer, Nia could be the book you are looking for. With compelling characters, a quick pace and a well thought out plot, this novel sets you in a historically accurate setting, to the degree that making dinner seems a nuisance. Just let the cook throw together some fresh breads, meat and cheese, and you can ride out to the meadow to dine in the shade (Back to reality – hit the drive in at McDonalds, let the kids play in the park and keep reading).

Nia is the only daughter born to a family of royalty. She is also a healer, following in the footsteps of her late mother. Sadly, healers are sometimes looked upon as those who practice the black arts. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s a stigma they have to bear.

It seems that Nia’s father, King Cadell is always at war. In the first chapter, he has won a battle. Nia is attending to the wounded when a foreign soldier interrupts her, telling her that he has sworn an oath to be her guard for the rest of his life. His words, “Your blood is now my blood. Your world is now my world. Your life is now my life.” At first Nia is annoyed by his constant presence, but later she comes to understand just how much the gift of his oath to her means.

So much goes on in this story as the characters of Nia, Garreth (the solider), King Cadell, and others are explored and we begin to understand the motivations behind the actions that they take.

You can purchase this lovely book on Amazon at this link

The author, Mella Reese, has a site that you can visit at and you can visit her blog at .

Although this story could stand alone, you will be happy to know there will be a sequel to Nia. It’s called Nia, Queen’s Exhile and should be coming out in 2011.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three Eagles

Three Eagle awards in one year. This has been a busy place. I'd like to say that I helped a whole lot, but it was actually my scouting driven hubby that lead the charge. He's my hero.
Brad made backboards for C.E.R.T., Tom made tables for P.J.'s Forgotten Children (a charity for families group), and Adam made wood duck boxes for homeless wood ducks in Utah.

In the photo, Brad (18) is on the left, Adam (14) on the right with Tom (16) sitting in the middle. Tom had to sit because the boy is six foot four. People ask us what we feed him. We tell them, "Anything he wants."

Monday, April 11, 2011

J is for Juxtaposition

What the heck does this word mean. It is the act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
Yeah, that happens in writing. Don't we place the hero and the villain together for contrast. Sometimes it's as simple as child vs parent, or even friend vs friend.
What do you juxtapose in your writing to give it contrast?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Focus

What do you focus on the most in your writing. Is it dialogue, character, scene or plot? If you read your work and you find that you focus more on one than all the others, then you need to work on a balance.
Right now I'm working as the stage manager for a play. My focus is on the cast and crew. I haven't been focused on my family. I feel unbalanced.
Tonight the play starts. I won't be blogging for the next few days. So for tomorrow, G is for Goodbye till later, then on Saturday H is for Hallelujah we're almost done and on Sunday I is for Incapacitated, cause that's when I crumble into pile of jelly. Wish me luck.
P.S. The play is put on by our Stake and is an LDS production called "Savior of the World". You can find it on

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Emotion

I took a class on Emotion in Writing by Carol Lynch Williams. She told us that your writing needs to touch your reader. How do you do that? You make the character real. Write your character's history. Give them quirks that make them unique. As you are writing, borrow emotion from yourself. Ask yourself how you would feel in a situation and give your character those feelings. Use the senses. How would things look, sound, feel, smell, and taste. Here is a link to a list of descriptive words for these senses - .

Ask yourself why the reader is reading your book. Williams says that teens read to find out who they are. They want a book that will speak to them. In conclusion, she said, good writing is about telling the truth.

Strengthen your characters and scenes with emotion. Your story will be better for it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Dash

The alphabet post thing looks like fun, so I'll give it a whirl.
D is for Dash.

Wendy Swore encouraged me to use an em dash in my last story. I had to figure out how to type it on my computer and though I'm sure Annette Lyon had talked about it scores of time in her grammar classes, I had to look it up again. The Chicago Manual of Style says "The em dash is used "to denote a sudden break in thought that causes an abrupt change in sentence structure."

On my Mac, I can create an em dash by pressing down the alt key and the minus key. I don't know what your computer does. Good luck.

An en dash (which sounds pretty much like em dash and so confuses poor hapless fools like myself), "is used to connect continuing, or inclusive, numbers -- dates, time, or reference numbers." Taken again from the Chicago Manual of Style.

The difference between the two dashes is the length of the dash. An em dash is the size of an m or three dashes and the en dash is the size of an n, or three dashes.

Then there's dine and dash, which refers to eating and running. The rash dash, which is done when one has made a rash decision and has to flee. The rash dash of course could have a dermatological meaning, for example the dash to the E.R. after a person has fallen in poison ivy.

No pets or people were harmed in the writing of this post.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Pysanky Time

What is a pysanky you may ask. The correct question would be, what is a pysanka, Alex? Pysanky is the plural form for Ukrainian Easter eggs, and a pysanka is one egg.
If you are into decorating these colorful, intricate creations, now would be the time to start. It's almost Easter, and in homes all over the world people are getting out their dyes and heating up their kistky. A kistka is a tool with a long handle ending in a brass funnel that is used to apply wax to an egg to keep dye from adhering to the shell. This 'wax resist' process allows you to layer colors of dye from lightest to darkest and finish with a beautiful pattern of all the shades at the end.

To see some phenomenal examples of art on an egg, visit the site of a dedicated Canadian artist named So Jeo, .
If you are interested in trying this fun art form, here are a few places where you can order supplies, and
If you have questions about the process or the history of Ukrainian Easter eggs or want to take classes, a great site to go to is I am listed as one of the teachers in Utah there.

It can be as simple as wax crayon on the egg you are dipping with your kids egg kit, or you can try the real thing with a kistka and beeswax. It's a great way to spend time with your kids, or nurture your creative side. Now's the time. There's only a few weeks till Easter. Get crackin'. (Oops, bad egg pun).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review - Star Scout Rising

I recently read Star Scout Rising, First Trail written by Gary Darby. It is pure Sci-Fi and right up my alley. Mr. Darby creates an interesting universe in which a Junior Star Scout, Del Baldura, joins with his team mates to work toward becoming a full fledged Star Scout by passing the rigorous No-Notice test. But in the midst of tracking an alien life form, one of their team mates is kidnapped. While Del and his crew race to save his team mate, evil forces are combining to plot against him and his family.

Peller, the leader of the Gadion Faction, is one nasty dude. “His eyes narrowed to slits as he studied the star path. There was absolutely no doubt that they were marching closer and their trail was leading them to this part of the galactic spiral arm where an unsuspecting and vulnerable Earth glided peacefully along in its orbit around Father Sol.

This Suited Peller Perfectly.

Del’s Uncle, Jak McCarel, knows the truth about the past and the possible danger that Del could be facing. Unfortunately, Del doesn’t know Jak exists.

Twists and turns with alien life forms, system failures, crew member interactions and one evil villain, keep you turning the pages. Some, but not all questions are answered at the end, leaving it open to an upcoming sequel.

You can find Star Scout Rising for purchase at

Contact the author or take a look at his blog at

09 10