Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review - Star Scout Rising

I recently read Star Scout Rising, First Trail written by Gary Darby. It is pure Sci-Fi and right up my alley. Mr. Darby creates an interesting universe in which a Junior Star Scout, Del Baldura, joins with his team mates to work toward becoming a full fledged Star Scout by passing the rigorous No-Notice test. But in the midst of tracking an alien life form, one of their team mates is kidnapped. While Del and his crew race to save his team mate, evil forces are combining to plot against him and his family.

Peller, the leader of the Gadion Faction, is one nasty dude. “His eyes narrowed to slits as he studied the star path. There was absolutely no doubt that they were marching closer and their trail was leading them to this part of the galactic spiral arm where an unsuspecting and vulnerable Earth glided peacefully along in its orbit around Father Sol.

This Suited Peller Perfectly.

Del’s Uncle, Jak McCarel, knows the truth about the past and the possible danger that Del could be facing. Unfortunately, Del doesn’t know Jak exists.

Twists and turns with alien life forms, system failures, crew member interactions and one evil villain, keep you turning the pages. Some, but not all questions are answered at the end, leaving it open to an upcoming sequel.

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