Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Pysanky Time

What is a pysanky you may ask. The correct question would be, what is a pysanka, Alex? Pysanky is the plural form for Ukrainian Easter eggs, and a pysanka is one egg.
If you are into decorating these colorful, intricate creations, now would be the time to start. It's almost Easter, and in homes all over the world people are getting out their dyes and heating up their kistky. A kistka is a tool with a long handle ending in a brass funnel that is used to apply wax to an egg to keep dye from adhering to the shell. This 'wax resist' process allows you to layer colors of dye from lightest to darkest and finish with a beautiful pattern of all the shades at the end.

To see some phenomenal examples of art on an egg, visit the site of a dedicated Canadian artist named So Jeo, .
If you are interested in trying this fun art form, here are a few places where you can order supplies, and
If you have questions about the process or the history of Ukrainian Easter eggs or want to take classes, a great site to go to is I am listed as one of the teachers in Utah there.

It can be as simple as wax crayon on the egg you are dipping with your kids egg kit, or you can try the real thing with a kistka and beeswax. It's a great way to spend time with your kids, or nurture your creative side. Now's the time. There's only a few weeks till Easter. Get crackin'. (Oops, bad egg pun).

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