Monday, July 11, 2011

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers

In June I was thrilled to attend the afternoon session of Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers. It is a wonderful conference with some seriously talented people teaching the classes. For example, I attended classes taught by Holly Black (author of Spiderwick), Kathleen Duey (Author of Skin Hunger), Martine Leavitt (Author of Heck, Superhero) and Jed Henry (Author/Illustrator of I Speak Dinosaur). Ally Condie was the keynote speaker and the classes were organized by no other than Carol Lynch Williams. So you can see the level of amazing people we were surrounded by.
There were also two editors, Alyson Heller and Lisa Yoskowitz as well as an agent, Mary Kole. They all spoke and gave us information about what they were looking for and how to contact them.
This was a great conference. For anyone that missed, plan on next year. They hold it at the Waterford School in June although registration is much earlier.
As a side note, James Ducket is having a contest on his blog.
He has 50 followers and is shooting for 100. Check out the details and the great prizes that include an Amazon gift card or a Cold Stone Creamery gift card.

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Lacie Myers said...

Cathy, thanks for visiting my blog, commenting, and following. I am excited to find you as well! writer/illustrators seem to be rare in the blogging world. Your blog is inspiring. I love all the links for children's writers. See you at the blog fest

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