Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Double Deceit - Book Review

Elaina has started a new life. She's been reunited with her sister, started a new job and found the support of old friends. And just as it seems to be coming together she gets a letter from her dead husband . . .

Double Deceit is a romantic suspense novel that will have you turning the pages till the wee hours. This is author Stephanie Humphreys second book and the girl knows how to set the pace. The story moves along at a good clip. I read it over two days. It's one of those books where the kids keep saying, "Mom, mom," and you hardly hear them (ouch). Laundry goes untouched, dishes pile up, etc. So be prepared before you start, because you won't want to stop.

The story takes place in windy southern Alberta. I can attest that her scenes are accurate having grown up there. In fact it made me a little nostalgic. The country I miss, the wind I do not.

In Elaina you will find a young woman who has suffered loss, but is ready to move on. She meets a cast of supporting characters who are well defined. The plot keeps you guessing right to the end and has quite a twist.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Latter Rain - Book Review

The Latter Rain is in a much different Genre than books I have reviewed in the past. Having said that, I must say I quite enjoyed it. Now I’ll tell you the complete title. ‘The Latter Rain – Using the Book of Isaiah as the Key to Unlock Bible Prophecies That are Relevant Today’. This is the part where you say, “Isaiah, you read a book about the prophecies in Isaiah and you enjoyed it?” Actually, yes.

James M. Conis has laid out this book in a format that is easy to follow and understand. He uses a mix of scriptures from the Old and New Testament alternating with his interpretation of what they say. He invites the reader to pray for wisdom and understanding to know if the insights are correct. His desire is to lead people closer to God and bring them a clear perspective of what the ancient prophets are saying about what is happening in our world today.

To make an understanding of the bible more simple, Conis breaks down relevant types and symbols that are prevalent in the scriptures. Rain is symbolic for the word of God or revelation. Much of his book is devoted to a discussion of the former rain period, when prophets were present on the earth, separated by a famine period when there are no prophets and ending with the latter rain, when prophets are again present on the earth.

Though I did not agree with everything in ‘The Latter Rain’, I found the book to be informative, entertaining and well written. To purchase this book go to this link . As a special promotion, when you put TOUR in the coupon code, you will receive 20% off your order.

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