Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tales From The Hollow Tree

Tales From the Hollow Tree is a delightful collection of short stories. Each tale is infused with imagination and attention to detail.These girls know how to write. I think of this book as a a box of bon bons. Each of them is sweet, but until you take a bite you won't know what flavor to expect.

In Lisa Asunama's story 'Trickster', a young girl faces the cunning Trickster, who deceived her grandfather and brought shame to her family. She has a secret he is itching to know. She challenges him to perform three services in order to learn the answer.

In Lisa Santiago's story 'The Final Sacrifice', a man yearns to spend more time with the sweet young lady who makes his life more bearable, but at what cost?

At three or four pages to a story, treat yourself to a yummy reading indulgence.

Isabel and Lisa began this book on a blog - Hollow Tree Tales
. Each friday they post a free fiction story. Tales From the Hollow Tree is a collection of some of these stories.

Tales From the Hollow Tree is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can read and write great reviews about Tales From the Hollow on Goodreads..

Good luck, and enjoy this awesome book.


Connie Hall said...

I love reading short stories. I'm also anxious to learn the secret.

Wendy Swore said...

Looks like a fun anthology. Thanks for sharing, Cathy!

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