Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for the New Year

Here we go again, a new year and a new set of goals to tackle. I look at it as a fresh start. Sure, sometimes our goals can fizzle, but doesn't it feel good to get them on paper and have a list to focus on. Lists are what I thrive on. If I don't write it down I am doomed. Doomed I say.

My family sat down last night and we divided our goals into four categories - Spiritual, Educational, Financial and Personal.

So here is my list:

Spiritual - 1. Read scriptures daily. 2. Personal prayer morning and night. 3. Personal Journal weekly.

Education - 1. Two writing conferences per year. 2. Take a family history class.

Financial - 1. Do the Family Financial Workshop. 2. Organize our home office and set up a better mail system.

Personal - 1. Finish my YA novel 'Loom of Dreams'. 2. Revise a story for the FRIEND. 3. Continue writing and illustrating for Stories for Children Magazine.

Writing things down is key for me to actually getting them done. Does this work for you? Are you a goal setter? What's your system?


Donna K. Weaver said...

I like the well-rounded nature of your goals. Well done!

Alice said...

Great goals. Good luck with all of them. I like the name of your novel. Sounds interesting. I didn't realize you were an illustrator too. That's so cool! It looks like you're doing a lot of writing for mags. Great job!

Jessica L. Foster said...

Those are great goals. Writing goals down does feel nice and it seems to help you accomplish them. My goal this year is to set little goals along the way.

Anonymous said...

Good goals, Cathy! I am definitely working on some goals this year. I'm lighting a fire under my feet—nobody else will!

Wendy Swore said...

I'm working on some of the same goals this year. Good luck to you with yours!

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