Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Nephi

I Nephi is a wonderful historical novel, rich with description of the mountain country around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Born into a polygamous family, Nephi struggles with his father's decision to take on extra wives. He doesn't understand his brother Alma's desire to get all tied up with a girl and start a family. He is full of mischief and when he gets an itch to pull a prank, he makes it a memorable one. Nephi is a character you won't soon forget.

 You can find I Nephi at Barnes and Noble in paperback.
 I Nephi on Amazon is offered in paperback or for the kindle.

You can connect with Karen at her blogs Satin and Swords and Country Eating.

Whether read as an e-book or actual page by page, I'm sure you will enjoy this heartwarming biography.


Donna K. Weaver said...

Fun sounding story. And congrats for your son!

ali cross said...

Nice review, Cathy. I was thinking that Nephi's antics sound right up your alley!

And those working hours is hysterical. :)

kbrebes said...

Love the work hours! ahaha! Big congrats to your son!
The book sounds terrific, too!

Cindy Beck, author said...

I, Nephi is an excellent book ... very interesting story! I really enjoyed reading it.

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