Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On Little Wings - Book Review

            I was excited to do this review because I had heard good things about this book. It did not disappoint. From the first pages, I knew this would be a book I would keep on my shelf as a friend to be read again. Not only is the story intriguing, but the way the story is written is such a treat.
For example, here is a description of the main character’s best friend Cleo:

The women of Christ’s Church who spent many years praying for the unfortunate little Douglas child suddenly looked up in confusion. They were hoping to comfort her soul and God had taken the short cut and given her a full-blown makeover.

And later,  Jennifer’s trip to Maine:

The road to shelter Cove followed the rocky banks unwilling to leave the side of the ocean after working so hard to find it. Some scrawny pine trees tried to obstruct the view by pushing between the water and the street, but they didn’t get far. The ocean reappeared again, watching me, following me, tugging her foamy white skirts along the jagged rocks to keep up with the car.

            The characters and dialogue are deep and insightful. Here’s a look at Little:

            “I’m all here, Jennifer.” Little’s voice stopped me as I reached for the handle. I started and turned back to her at the sound of my name. “Some people think that all old people start going soft in the head but I’m not that old. Only my skin got old and I can’t help that. Ugly, I know, but you should have seen... Boy, tell her that she should have seen me seventy years ago.” She continued without pause so she didn’t really expect him to say anything, which seemed fitting, considering. “I’ve got stories for you and when you’re ready I’ll be here. 

           I couldn't just tell you how good the writing is, I had to show you.

           The story begins when a young woman finds a picture she was not meant to find, and suddenly she has questions about her family and her mother's past she can't leave alone.

          You can find On Little Wings for purchase on Amazon. To connect with Author Regina Sirois, you can go to her website,

            You can purchase little wings as an e-book, but if you are like me, you'll want a copy on your shelf that you can hold in your hands and enjoy more than once.

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Tapper said...

Dear Cathy,
What a beautiful review! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am relieved and glad that you enjoyed the writing.
I might have to put you down for one of my next beta readers!
Best wishes,

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