Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Retirement Quest, Make Better Decisions - Book Review

Retirement Quest. Sounds like an epic fantasy where the journey ends up in a condo in Florida, right. Actually, that's not far off, it's a book about practical financial planning so that you can retire to that condo in Florida.

With his experience in financial planning, John Hauserman provides you with the tools you will need to plan a strategy for retirement. I found Retirement Quest to be very informative with topics such as goal setting, risk management, investing, the market cycle and choosing a source of advice, among others.

In chapter 7. Risk in a Modern World, I learned about maintaining a diversified portfolio as opposed to having a non-diversified investment. The latter is basically like having all your eggs in one basket, and if the basket gets knocked over, you risk facing a total loss. A diversified portfolio spread among stocks, bonds and other assets, protects you from this scenario.

"In order to make the best possible retirement saving and planning decisions, we must begin by fully understanding the challenges at hand."

                             John Hauserman, CFP

To take a look at the Retirement Quest website click Here

For a copy of Retirement Quest you can visit Barnes and Noble or Amazon.I would advise anyone interested in getting a jump start on planning for their financial future to become acquainted with the advice given in this well designed book.

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