Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sam and Sadie join Stories for Children Magazine

I am so excited. One of the things I have always wanted to do is make and publish paper dolls. I was delighted when Stories for Children Magazine accepted my proposal to do a series of paper dolls for them. Say hello to Sam and Sadie. I could have colored them, but I left them blank, because I think choosing the color of what they are wearing is half the fun.

Over the next several months, Sam and Sadie will be going on an Easter egg hunt, having fun at the beach, visiting the farm, trick or treating, having fun at Christmas time and sharing Valentines.

The dolls are just the right size to fit in a Michaels Crafts gift card tin. This idea came from the blog One Pearl Button . It also has a great tutorial on making magnetic paper dolls.

To play with Sam and Sadie, visit Stories for Children Magazine in their next issue coming this spring. Then keep coming back each month for more adventures and more outfits.


Donna K. Weaver said...

How fun, Cathy! I brought paperdolls to one of my granddaughters in my recent visit, and she LOVED them!

Michelle said...

That's AWESOME!!!!

I love paper dolls. Still like to print them and cut them out and play with them.

Michelle Jefferies

kbrebes said...

Marvelous, Cathy!! I'm so happy for you!!!! (and jealous of all your talents!!) : )

Taryn said...

This is great, Cathy!

Taffy said...

So cool, Cathy! I loved paper dolls when I was little! And I still think they're fun now.

ali cross said...

This is so fun! But hey, don't go getting any ideas now that you've checked something off your bucket list. ;)

Congrats Cathy! Sam and Sadie are so cute!

Renae W. Mackley said...

These dolls look great. Congrats on your bucket list check off. Sounds like it's an on-going check off. You'll enjoy designing for a while. Have fun while you give kids that opportunity as well.

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