Thursday, October 29, 2020

 I have recently tried something new. I designed a fabric panel. It's a small quilt panel with a fairy house on it. Made for a little girl to play house on. There is a fairy and a friend to go with each house. You can find these cute quilts at Spoonflower. They do print on demand fabric. My shop is called The Cotton Doll

Here are my designs: 

The Woodland Fairy and Her Friend Squirrel


The Mushroom Fairy and Her Friend Hedgehog


I also made matching fabric for the backing of each panel. These can be found in my shop as well.

I hope these little quilt panels bring you as much delight as they did for me when I made them.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

      My Pysanky Easter Egg Coloring Book

   is complete. 

You can find it available for pre-order on Amazon

      A unique table, in the front cover, explains the meaning                behind colors and symbols used to make pysanky 
 Use the table to color a page with a specific person in mind, using colors and symbols that have personal meaning.

Now you can make pysanky that won't break.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Easter Picture Book Signings for Pysanky Promise

Here is my book signing schedule. I'll be signing my children's picture book, Pysanky Promise,

 at The Printed Garden in Sandy, on Saturday, Apr. 13th at 1:00. 

The next week I'll be signing at The King's English on Thursday, Apr. 18th at 7:00.

 I made an Event on Facebook for the King's English signing because they asked me to have at least 10 people there, so I wanted to get an idea of who would be coming. No pressure, right. I would love to see any and all neighbors, friends and family at either event.

My book can be found online at this link:

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Free Quiet Book Doll Pattern

Recently I posted a photo of some quiet book figures I had designed on FaceBook. I'm putting them here for free download if you are so inclined to make a quiet book, or just use the images as paper dolls. Simply click on the page you'd like to download.

Here is a colored image. 


To make the doll, I placed the black and white line drawing under some lightweight pellon on a light box and traced it will a very thin permanent marker.
You don't have to have a lightbox, you can daylight coming through a window the same way. I painted the doll and her clothes with acrylic paint. You can use craft paint, but mix it with fabric medium. I glued the doll and her clothes onto heavier pellon with fabric fusion adhesive. I let it dry well before cutting the images out. 

Wishing you and your kidlets oodles of fun.


Saturday, December 8, 2018

No Room - a Christmas short story

“There is no room at our inn,” my father told them. I watched the stranger hang his head. He returned to his wife seated on a donkey. She lifted a hand to his face and caressed his cheek. Her face shone. She should have looked tired after a long journey with her swollen belly. 
            “Father, can’t we help them?” I said, pleading for them with my eyes. 
“Little daughter, you know we have no room.” 
“But there is to be a baby,” I said, clutching his hand. 
He looked at the couple he’d turned away. His face softened. “Perhaps there’s room in the stable.” I kissed his rough cheek and ran to tell them.

The brightest of stars shone that night. The light rested on our stable. 
“Surely this baby is loved of God,” I told my mother. We prepared a basket with fragrant bread, cheese, olives, and figs.  
At the stable, I was surprised to see others. Shepherds had come down from the hills. 
“Why are you here?” I asked a boy not much older than myself.
Eyes wide, he said, “A Savior has been born.”
My face grew warm. This baby was the Savior, and all I had to offer was my humble basket. 
The baby’s mother saw me and beckoned me near. She smiled and said, “There was no room, but you found us a place.” 
I looked at the baby sleeping peacefully in the manger and there was plenty of room in my heart for joy.

Friday, December 7, 2018

70's bedroom background for a 6 inch doll.

I finished a 70's bedroom background for a 6-inch doll today. Pretty much just for fun. I had a purple lamp like the one on the nightstand in my room as a teen. I would have loved to have a hanging egg chair. If you have a little girl who has a six-inch doll, please feel free to use this image. You can take a screen shot of each side of the room and print it on good paper. Glue it to cardstock and laminate it. Then tape the two pages together with mailing tape, with a small gap in the tape so it will fold.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pysanky Promise, the newest little pysanky book on the block:

You can purchase Pysanky Promise on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Book Shout.
A Kindle version is now available on Amazon.