Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stories For Children Magazine

“Mommy I’m bored.” You’ve never heard that before, right. Hey its summer, that phrase goes with the season. If you need a creative outlet for your kids, here’s a great place to go, Stories for Children Magazine not only has fun articles and poems for kids ages 3–12, it often has puzzles, coloring pages, mazes and other fun activities.
Not only does this awesome magazine write for kids, some of it is written by kids. Yes, they print stories submitted by young authors. What a great opportunity for your child to get their story published. They also publish the artwork of young illustrators. How cool is that?
This magazine is known for its fun contests that challenge both adults and kids to dig into their creative reserves and come up with something spectacular. Right now SFC has a contest called Amazing But True Nonfiction for adults and a Stanley Bookman Spooky Sounds contest for kids. For more details and contest entry information go to and click on contests, or just click on the link on my blog under links for children's writers and go directly to their site.