Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Review - Nia by Mella Reese

If you are interested in reading a good clean medieval romance this summer, Nia could be the book you are looking for. With compelling characters, a quick pace and a well thought out plot, this novel sets you in a historically accurate setting, to the degree that making dinner seems a nuisance. Just let the cook throw together some fresh breads, meat and cheese, and you can ride out to the meadow to dine in the shade (Back to reality – hit the drive in at McDonalds, let the kids play in the park and keep reading).

Nia is the only daughter born to a family of royalty. She is also a healer, following in the footsteps of her late mother. Sadly, healers are sometimes looked upon as those who practice the black arts. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it’s a stigma they have to bear.

It seems that Nia’s father, King Cadell is always at war. In the first chapter, he has won a battle. Nia is attending to the wounded when a foreign soldier interrupts her, telling her that he has sworn an oath to be her guard for the rest of his life. His words, “Your blood is now my blood. Your world is now my world. Your life is now my life.” At first Nia is annoyed by his constant presence, but later she comes to understand just how much the gift of his oath to her means.

So much goes on in this story as the characters of Nia, Garreth (the solider), King Cadell, and others are explored and we begin to understand the motivations behind the actions that they take.

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Although this story could stand alone, you will be happy to know there will be a sequel to Nia. It’s called Nia, Queen’s Exhile and should be coming out in 2011.