Thursday, October 24, 2013

Story Painter Designs now on Etsy

I have opened a new shop on Etsy. It is called Story Painter Designs and it features the folding doll house I originally designed for P.J.'s Forgotten Children. What is P.J.'s you may ask. It is a non-profit organization that puts together back to school bags and Santa bags for underprivileged kids.
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 Last year with the help of the community we filled 900 bags. It was amazing.

I volunteer with the organization as their book person. I make sure we have enough books on the shelves to give at least one book to every child.

Last year, as we were putting barbie dolls in bags, it occurred to me that it would be really fun if the girls could have a house for the doll to play in. But how do you put a house in a bag. Voila, I designed  the folding barbie house. It can go anywhere. And to make it even more fun, I made the kind that you can color over and over.

Find this doll house on my Etsy Shop - Story Painter Designs

Then it occurred to me that it needed furniture. We couldn't really build furniture for every child and put it in their bags, so I made a sheet of DIY instructions for furniture so kids can make it themselves.

This has been a fun project and kids at P.J.'s will be getting these in their Santa bags. But it costs me every time I have to print and laminate and purchase erasable crayons. To help with the cost I am donating a portion of the purchase of these doll houses on my Etsy Store to P.J.'s. 

Come take a look at the printable folding doll house. It could be a traveling toy or gift for someone you love. It also come in a fully colored version for kids who just want to play and skip the coloring.