Friday, March 7, 2014

10 Things You Need To Believe to Write

Mette Ivie Harrison has written some amazing young adult literature, so when she speaks, I listen.
Recently she posted a list of 10 Things You Need To Believe To Write. I thought they were pretty good stuff so I've posted them here.

10 Things You Need to Believe to Write
1. Only you can write this.
2. You were born to write this.
3. People need you to write this.
4. The world is waiting for you to finish this.
5. One day, someone will tell you how much they needed to read this.
6. You can write anything you set your mind to.
7. This has a glimmer of brilliance in it.
8. The crappy words will fall away in revision.
9. My vision of the world matters.

10. I see people in a new way.

She also went on to say:

You don’t need to believe that this is going to be a bestseller. You don’t need to believe that you’re going to be a household name. You don’t need to believe that someday people will study your book in college. But you do have to work to counteract the relentless voice of defeat in your head that says:

1. No one will ever read this.
2. I am banging my head against the wall here.
Mette Ivie Harrison
3. Who am I to think I could be a writer?
4. My father/mother/partner is right. I should give up.
5. I don’t know how to do this. I never learned. No one ever taught me.
6. My voice doesn’t matter.
7. My experience is too different from anyone else’s to connect with readers.
8. I don’t know what happens next.
9. I feel too exposed. I want to hide and protect myself more.
10. I can’t expect anyone to pay me for this when they can get so many other things for free.

Thanks to Mette for letting me share your words.