Saturday, September 22, 2018

Awards You Can Apply for as a Self-published Author

The road to self-publishing is long and full of twists. It's a rollercoaster learning curve.

One of the things I've discovered as I've worked on getting my book out there is your

book will be seen as more valuable and respected if it is an award winner of some

kind. To that end, I've done some research. I thought I would share it with anyone

who writes and is interested in ways to promote their book.

Here is a list I have compiled of awards for self-published authors of picture books 

and many other categories:

Awards for Self-Published Authors

Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards – Deadline Jan. 15, Fee $89.00 before Sept. 30.
Electronic submissions accepted.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards – Deadline Feb. 15, Fee $75.00 for 2 categories before Sept. 30.
Electronic submissions accepted.

Eric Hoffer Award - Deadline Jan. 21, Fee - $60.00 
Only mailed books accepted

National Indie Excellence Award – Deadline Mar. 31, Fee $75.00
Only mailed books accepted

IPPY Awards (Independent Publisher Book Awards) – Deadline Feb. 23, Fee $85.00 per category
Electronic submissions accepted.

Reader’s Favorite Award – Deadline April 1, Fee $99.00, additional $65.00 for another category
Electronic submissions accepted.

International Book Awards – Deadline Apr. 30, $59.00 fee, 10 off if before Sept. 30
Only mailed books accepted – softcover category
Sent an inquiry about categories

USA Best Book Awards, Deadline May 31, $69.00, early bird before Sept. 30 $10.00 off
Only mailed books accepted, with Press Release – softcover category

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards – Dec. 15, Fee IBPA member $95.00 per title
Only mailed books accepted – Send 4 copies

Reader Views Reviewers Choice Literary Awards, Deadline Dec. 31, Fee $69.00, multiple awards possible without extra fee.
Only mailed books accepted – 2 copies
Indie Reader Discovery Award – Deadline Feb. 28, Fee $150.00

The Best Indie Book Award– Deadline Nov.1 , Fee $50.00
Only Electronic submission – Books accepted in a 2012 – 2018 time frame

Purple Dragonfly Book Award – Deadline May 1, Fee $60.00 per category
Electronic submissions accepted

Spark Award SCBWI- Must be an SCBWI member – Opens Nov. 15, closes Dec. 15, Fee $ ?
Only mailed books accepted.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who is interested in pursuing more exposure for your book.

P.S. I hope you like my 'Seal of Approval'.